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Siamo orgogliosi di presentare la nuova generazione di luci EasyGrow series pro…

600,00 IVA inclusa

Are you looking for the strongest lights on the market and at an affordable price?

We guarantee the best initial values ​​of lights compared to the competition.
Up to 230lm / w and 3.0 μmol / J with a service life of 120,000h and a 5-year warranty. 


Model Name: EasyGrow S800 PRO
Light output: 330W
Replace for: 600W HPS or HID/HPS from 600 to 800W
Power saving energy: up to 50% compared to HPS
Suitable for: Flower, Growth, Whole cycle
Efficiency: 230 lm / W
PPFD value​: 1301-1725 μmol / (m2 · s)
Light efficiency: 3.0 μmol /J
Light output: 1950 μmol /s
Luminous flux of the lamp: 78,000 lm
Input voltage: 90-305Vac (classic EU)
Working temperature: -20 – 40℃
Used LEDs: Samsung 301H / Cree
(CCT): Samsung 3500K and CREE 660nm

Use for: All indoor growing areas and all plants
Heatsink material: aluminum
Lifespan: up to 120,000 h
IP rating: IP33
Warranty: 5 years
Certificates: CE, EMC, ETL, Gost
Manufacturer: EasyGrow Lighting
Made in Czech Republic.
Suitable for spaces: 100x100cm or 120×60 (minimum) to 150×150,150×120 or 120×120 (recommended maximum).

EG S800 PRO components:

Driver: Inventronics LED driver

Used chips:

1296x Samsung LM301H 3500K

36x CREE 660nm

Adjustable power:  YES

Packaging contains:

  • Complete suspension system with light height adjustment;
  • Built-in dimmer (power controller);
  • Connection for PPM controller;
  • Instruction and warranty list.

We always put your lights into two discreet brown cardboard boxes  in way that they are protected against damage (remove the plastic cover before use).


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